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$1 Million Bounty Paid Out

You wouldn’t think giving $1 million dollars away would be cause for celebration, but we’re proud to announce that’s exactly what we’ve done!


Cool-Safe Christmas Break

Cool-Safe will be chilling out over Christmas.


Cool-Swap is Live!

Cool-Swap is ready to go, sign up to get your free recovery cylinder.


From Navy to Tradie

Ben is a Hamilton-based Refrigerant Team Manager who’s had quite the storied career on land and sea.


Out of Construction and into HVACR

Zak left high school to get into construction, but found his path to HVACR after unstable work and a desire for something more engaging. Eight years later, he's happier at work than ever. 


Hospitality to HVACR

Jemma left high school at 17 and began working in hospitality. After a few years in that unstable industry, she resolved to learn a trade and began her apprenticeship in HVACR.


January Collection Sites Reopen Dates

Our collection and decanting sites are back up and running in January.


New partnership offers Fonterra farmers cheaper, cleaner refrigeration

Cool Group Limited, Fonterra, Purpose Capital, Cool-Safe and New Zealand Green Investment Finance join forces to present farmers a sustainable and cost-effective option to cool their milk


Women in HVAC+R Christmas Event

Cool-Safe is proud to be a sponsor of Women in HVAC+R's Christmas Event


F-gas Revision Passes ENVI Vote

As expected, the European Parliament’s environment committee (ENVI) rubber-stamped the European F-gas revision proposals, yesterday, voting 68 to 11 in support of the document.

Our impact

Results and performance

As Cool-Safe, we're aiming high with our numbers. Right up into the atmosphere. We'll keep you informed with the analysis as we progress. In the meantime, we've got stats on how much synthetic refrigerant we collected and destroyed as the Recovery Trust.