For Industry


Cool-Swap is the next step in our refrigerant recovery programme for businesses, making it even easier to recover refrigerant and earn through our Bounty Buy-Back programme.

What is Cool-Swap?

Cool-Swap is a bottle-swap project extending our reach to those who need to increase their recovery capacity.  It's a simple project that gives you access to cylinders when you need them.

To order your Cool-Swap cylinder, simply complete the registration process and we will courier it to you, free of charge. Once filled, simply return the Cool-Swap cylinders to our Collection Sites or if you're unable to make it to a Collection Site, via our Courier Service.

We accept most refrigerant, including legacy refrigerant, in Cool-Swap cylinders. The only exceptions are flammable refrigerants which aren’t eligible for the Cool-Swap programme at this stage, but these refrigerants can still be returned using your own bottle.

If you own your own recovery cylinders, we will still collect and support them through our existing recovery programme.  Nothing has changed, simply get the recovery cylinders you own to the current Collection Sites and we will continue to accept them through our fortnightly collection service.

Cool-Swap cylinders are provided without charge, provided our Terms & Conditions are met which also includes having the appropriate licence to handle and recover refrigerants.

Keep an Eye out for our Cool-Swap Branding

You'll be able to access the Cool-Swap webpage from anywhere when you use our Cool-Swap QR codes.

You'll see the Cool-Swap QR code on every one of our bottles, so you can always check in to keep up to date, or access the page if you want to register.

Simply scan the QR code with your phone camera, and you'll be redirected here to see any new developments, changes to the programme, or any other news and updates.