MfE carbon removals strategy underway


Work is underway by the Ministry for the Environment to develop a carbon removals strategy. The strategy will guide decisions about how we, as a nation, build a more diverse portfolio of activities that remove carbon dioxide from the air and oceans.

It will look at the role of forestry, alongside a broad range of other nature-based and engineering technologies that can remove carbon from the air. These removals are likely to also contribute to biodiversity, climate change resilience and economic goals.

Public consultation on the draft strategy is planned for early 2024 as part of the Government’s second emissions reduction plan.


November to Christmas Collection Site Dates

Be sure to get your recovery cylinders in ahead of these final dates so that they are collected and returned before Christmas.


New partnership offers Fonterra farmers cheaper, cleaner refrigeration

Cool Group Limited, Fonterra, Purpose Capital, Cool-Safe and New Zealand Green Investment Finance join forces to present farmers a sustainable and cost-effective option to cool their milk