First recruitment development working group meets


The first 'virtual meeting' of the industry working group helping to develop a new recruitment approach and campaign met recently - and there were lots of great ideas for how we can attract more refrigerant superstars into this awesome industry!

Young people out of school, people already in other trades (like electricians and repair industries) along with immigrants to NZ were discussed as our potential priority audiences.

Next steps will be to develop the materials, and launch the campaign through targeted advertising, social media, school expos and other communication channels.

Watch this space!


Taking the heat out of harmful coolants

Cool-Safe was recently featured on Newsroom in an article in partnership with the EPA to discuss the work we do and the important job of "taking the heat out of harmful coolants".


Public Consultation on ETS Opens

Public consultation on annual updates to New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) auction settings and other regulations are open.