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Accreditation and certification

We’re establishing the Cool-Safe stamp of compliance.


Get the Cool-Safe stamp of compliance

Poor installation, upkeep and removal of systems and equipment containing synthetic refrigerants (sometimes known as F-gases) causes leaks and escapes. The people who cause these leaks range from those who Don’t Know to those who Don’t Care. 

Cool-Safe is ensuring that everyone in the industry who provides refrigeration support really knows, and really cares. Companies who deal in synthetic refrigerants can apply for Cool-Safe Accreditation. Authentically qualified Refrigerant Technicians can get Cool-Safe Certification. 

And then customers, clients and environment-conscious people across Aotearoa New Zealand can select from the Cool-Safe directory to be sure they’re doing the right thing, the right way. 

Qualified experts

Building a network of qualified refrigerant experts

Fact - New Zealand needs more refrigeration technicians and qualified fillers. Fact – as awareness grows about the environmental damage caused by synthetic refrigerants, this need will increase even further. You could say … the sky’s the limit.

Fact - Right now, under the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017, anybody handling or recovering compressed gases must have had suitable training and hold an Approved Filler Test Certificate. Most refrigerants currently used in New Zealand are classified as compressed gases under the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017. Some, like propane and butane, are flammable and classed as hazardous substances. That means nearly everyone working with refrigerants is required by legislation to hold an Approved Filler Test Certificate

Cool-Safe works with training providers that meet national standards in qualifications for our niche sector. Find out more from your employer, from Worksafe or by contacting us directly.


Refrigerant approved fillers course

E-Tec Fillers Course

Please see below dates currently available through E-Tec for block courses.  For more information and to book, please refer to this link.

Course dates
Kapiti Coast (Otaki) - 12 April

Wellington - 13 April

Auckland - 18 April

Auckland - 19 April

Christchurch - 2 May

Wellington - 10 May

Dunedin - 17 May

Auckland - 23 May

Auckland - 24 May

Skillsure Refrigerant Fillers Course

Book one of the Skillsure Refrigerant Fillers Courses below on their website here.

Course dates
Auckland, 31st March 2023

Hamilton, 3rd April 2023

Tauranga, 21st April 2023

Napier, 5th May 2023

New Plymouth, 26th May 2023

Auckland, 29th May 2023

NOTE:  If you are a training provider and have courses available for the refrigerant industry, please let us know and we will publicise.


Manukau Institute of Technology - NZ Certificate in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

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Learn the practical skills you need to become a refrigeration and air conditioning technician. If you don't already have an apprenticeship, study this programme to cut your apprenticeship off-the-job learning by up to a year.